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Discover the game-changing benefits of Cluffy Sports insoles. We put Cluffy insoles to the test, showcasing how they enhance your balance, performance, and overall comfort during your cheer routines. Whether you’re a flyer, base, or backspot, these insoles are designed to give you that extra edge!

  • Improve Balance: Watch as cheerleaders demonstrate improved stability and control with Cluffy insoles.
  • Boost Performance: See how Cluffy Insoles help cheerleaders execute stunts and jumps with precision.
  • Enhance Comfort: Experience reduced foot fatigue during long practices.

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Better Balance Overall
Reduce Impact and adds comfort

Customer Reviews

Meet Lexi, former collegiate cheer flyer for the University of Montana, who recommends the Cluffy Insoles for cheer athletes! (The Cluffy Insoles were originally called the Lux Step insole).


Do the Cluffy Sport Insoles fit in Cheer shoes?

Yes, they do fit in Cheer shoes. In most cheer shoes, the insole will not require an adjustment and can be inserted in the shoe as it is.

However, in a few shoes, a slight adjustment is needed to make sure they fit in the shoe properly. To determine whether this is necessary, we recommend you remove the shoe liner in the cheer shoe. Sometimes a little bit of release is needed to have the adhesive pull away from the shoe. Once this is removed, put the liner up against the Cluffy Insole. Make sure the liner goes to the heel and keep the liner over the Cluffy Wedge under the big toe. If the Cluffy insole is too long, please send it back and we will send you a smaller size. If any of the Cluffy insole is visible on the front of the insole by the little toes, remove this with a scissor, so the insole is the same size as the liner. Now, discard the sock liner that came with the shoe and insert the Cluffy  Insole in the shoe so the heel lays flat in the shoe. Remove any wrinkles in the front part of the shoe. Now you are ready to go!

How long do the Cluffy Insoles last?

About 6 months with normal daily use.

Can the insoles be moved from one shoe to another?

Yes, they can, just make sure they fit the shape of the shoe liner and adjust the insoles if necessary.

What size insole should I purchase?

The same size as the shoe you are wearing. If the insole is too long or too short, return it and we will exchange it for the size you need for your shoes. Please do not modify the insole if it is too long, send it back to us for a replacement.

How do I clean the insoles?

Simply use a rag and wipe the insoles with an antibacterial detergent. Make sure they are air-dried thoroughly before wearing them again. (Do not put your insoles in a dryer or use a hair dryer).

What do I do if the insoles start to smell?

Make sure they air-dry between use. Spray the insoles with Lysol Disinfectant spray if the problem persists. Air dry thoroughly as mentioned above.

Is there a break in period with the insoles?

No, the insoles can be worn all day on day one. Your body may feel different initially as you wear these. Your foot will start to move normally, and your balance will improve. Sometimes you may experience some temporary aches because you are using your muscles and tendons in a new way.

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(The Cluffy Insoles were originally called the Lux Step insole).

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