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Step Up Your Game on the mat with the Cluffy Sport Insoles!

Performance, balance, and posture start with the foot in all athletes. The foot has a tripod of stability on the heel, behind the big toe, and in back of the little toe on the outside of the foot. If any of these areas is unstable, your balance and stability will be compromised. 

You work hard to improve your game. Let us help you with your foundation, your feet. The unique design of our insoles allows a stable foot structure that results in optimal performance.

Hear What Wrestlers Are Saying...

In my 23 years competing and coaching wrestling, I have yet to come across a piece of wrestling gear that improved performance like this Cluffy insole has. I have seen extraordinary benefits when adding the Cluffy Sport insole to any wrestling shoe. Personally, I feel a significant increase in my overall balance and stability in nearly all positions and have been given the same feedback from many of the individuals I have the pleasure of coaching. I believe an in-depth look at the support we are giving our feet through our wrestling shoes has been overlooked but not any longer! I highly recommend the Cluffy Sport insoles!
Sport Insoles - Cluffy
Adam Visconti
Brazilian Freestyle World Team Coach
Highschool Folkstyle Assistant Coach
NCAA Wrestler 3x All-Colorado Team
Men's athlete Insoles Polson MT - Cluffy
I really like the Cluffy insoles and felt a significant difference in stability with front to back motion, I am much more stable overall. As a wrestler, the insole plays a factor in overall stability and I am able to push back and pull my opponents forward better. Glad I found these Cluffy insoles!
Aaron Trygstad
NCAA D2 Athlete
UWW All-American
Olympic Training Center Athlete
International Greco-Roman athlete 
Men's Insoles Polson - Cluffy
I recently suffered an MCL injury and I can really feel an improvement in my overall stability and balance when the Cluffy Sport insoles are in my wrestling shoes. Stability and balance are the most important factors to wrestling and maintaining movement in the neutral position! These Cluffy Sport insoles are great!
Cluffy Insoles
Bruno Nicoletti
Brazil World Team Member 86kg (current)
Brazil Freestyle National Champion NCAA All American
2X NCAA Qualifier
Sport Insoles in Polson, MT - Cluffy
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(The Cluffy Insoles were originally called the Lux Step insole).

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