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    Cluffy Lux Step® Shoe Insole


    Cluffy Lux Step® Shoe Insole The best shoe insole for plantar fasciitis pain. Eliminate your foot pain once and for all! $56.95 SPECIAL OFFER! Buy a 2nd Pair for even less at $49.95 and get FREE SHIPPING!Add it to your cart and Use Coupon Code: 2NDPAIR at Checkout. How To Install the Cluffy Lux Step®…

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    Cluffy Wedge


    Cluffy Wedge® Improve your steps and eliminate foot pain. $25.00 Finally, the solution to Foot Pain The Cluffy Wedge is physician-designed to improve critical foot motion necessary for pain elimination. It addresses key issues for foot pain and plantar fasciitis by addressing the root cause and has been customer-proven for several years. The Cluffy Wedge works great in…