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Cluffy Everyday Insoles

As an athlete, you may have tried insoles for foot pain or maybe you thought the insoles would be a good idea overall. The Cluffy Sport insoles will help with comfort and provide improved core stability to improve your sport performance. The combination of the unique features described below is what makes the Cluffy Sport insole such a game changer for many athletes.






The ONLY insole designed by Board-Certified Foot Surgeon!

How They Work

Cluffy Wedge

(patented by Dr. James Clough)

The foot moves from a pronated shock absorber to a stable structure propelling you forward, with every step. The Cluffy Wedge is one of our patented design features that supports normal movement of the big toe. This helps the windlass mechanism engage and work well, so your foot will become an efficient and changing structure. If normal movement in your big toe is limited, this can cause a variety of problems for the athlete from pain to poor performance, to more severe foot problems. The body is very mechanical, make sure it is running smoothly to deliver the demands your sport requires.

Cluffy Arch Support

(patented by Dr. James Clough)

The Cluffy arch support is a patented design to improve comfort and the stability of the foot. Stability is achieved when all three arches are fully supported. When arch stability is achieved, the three arches can then support those areas of the foot needing stability, and the result is extreme comfort. The unique arch design wraps around the foot when it is in the shoe interfacing with the shoe, for outstanding fit and prevents the insole from moving in the shoe with all athletic activities.

Gel Heel Pad

A cushioned gel heel pad minimizes the heel impact on your body. The 6mm gel pad is designed to lessen this stress when standing, walking, or running. If you have heel pain, relief will be noticeable and beneficial immediately. The gel pad allows the insole to stay firmly in the shoe, ideal for the athlete.

Bruno Nicoletti

I recently suffered an MCL injury and I can really feel an improvement in my overall stability and balance when the Cluffy Sport insoles are in my wrestling shoes. Stability and balance are the most important factors to wrestling and maintaining movement in the neutral position! These Cluffy Sport insoles are great!

~ Bruno Nicoletti

Brazil World Team Member 86kg (current)
Brazil Freestyle National Champion
NCAA All American  
2X NCAA Qualifier

I was on a cheer team in college and recently tried your insoles! I have better balance and ankle control with the Cluffy Sport insoles in all my shoes! What a difference!

~ Lexi

I am a runner and suffer from SHIN SPLINTS and FOOT PAIN. I was told by a friend to buy the Cluffy insoles for foot pain relief. After trying this insole I would tell you to, “Run to get the Cluffy Sport insole” yourself if you suffer from foot pain! You will be glad you did!

~ Liberty

When I work out I have much BETTER stability overall. These Cluffy insoles have helped not only me but also my Dad wears them now too! Great insoles!

~ Armando

I have tried many different insoles, medications, physical therapies, etc and have FINALLY found a product that works! Yes – I am going to say it – Wow!

~ Jim

I suffered from foot pain and it was affecting my pickleball games. I was limping off the court sometimes- I had to change that! My friends told me about the Cluffy insoles and I am happy I found them. Not only are my heels better, I am back to winning at pickleball too! Thank you!

~ Carol

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(The Cluffy Insoles were originally called the Lux Step insole).

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