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Let’s face it, your feet are your foundation. Our insoles are designed by a foot doctor to give you a stable foundation (a tripod of stability) that restores your balance, along with life-changing pain relief and cradling comfort. You won’t believe the difference these will make.

Daily Comfort Endless Adventures

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Product Features

Daily Comfort Endless Adventures

The Cluffy Wedge is one of the key features that make the Cluffy Everyday insole different from the rest. The best insole for proven pain relief, all-day comfort, and better balance. Forms your arches as you walk, eliminating the need to have a product with many arch heights. The Cluffy Wedge was invented and patented by Dr. Clough.

A soft but supportive arch design and patented by Dr. Clough. Provides cradling comfort and allows the foot to be better balanced and move normally. Our product allows your arch to form naturally; there is no need for different arch heights. You will want to take this comfort with you all day and every day, for all your adventures.

Absorbs shock on the heel when walking. Instant relief! To cap off the other features and make this truly a special insole you will want to tell your family and friends all about it!

A thin and energizing foam for use in most shoes with no modifications needed. 

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5 Star

91% of our reviews are 5 stars!

I am a retired Marine. If your spending your day in boots on pavement or in the field, this is what you want - the Cluffy insole!
Bill M.
I am a teacher and I was having occasional hip, knee and foot pain. I tried a pair of these insoles and found relief! I can't go a day without them now!
Alicia L.
I have tried many different insoles, medications, physical therapies, etc and have FINALLY found a product that works! Yes-I am going to say it...WOW!
Jim G.
I have suffered for over a decade with chronic foot pain. I tried many other insoles and custom orthotics, and nothing has really helped. When I heard about the Cluffy insoles, I was skeptical, but the difference has been miraculous. This is like no other product on the market. It has alleviated my foot pain and improved my balance.
Ryan T.
I had such bad pain in my left foot that when I put weight on it, it was hard to walk. I tried custom orthotics but they moved around in my shoes and I couldn’t wear them. Then I found the Cluffy insoles and they fit great in my shoes! After two days of wearing these Cluffy insoles, my left foot pain was gone! I live alone so for me, these have been a lifesaver!
William M.
Love my insoles and I have two pairs. I just hiked all over Scotland, my back and feet rocked it!!
Karen M.
I used to buy custom insoles that cost me a fortune..until I found the Cluffy insoles – these insoles are very affordable and well worth trying! I love mine.
Audrey G.
I am a law enforcement officer and these Cluffy Everyday insoles help me stay stable even in take downs! I could tell a big difference with my balance when recently, I had to apprehend someone who clearly did not want to be taken in. What a big difference they have made for me!
Chris W.
These are so comfortable in my shoe, I don’t know what I would do without them! Thank you Cluffy!
Kirk L.
I had plantar fasciitis for a long time. I tried icing, stretching and hard insoles. Nothing helped until my daughter told me about the Cluffy Everyday insoles! I love the blue gel heel pad and I am getting better! At least I can see some improvement now!
Sierra D.
The bottom of my feet were sore and my new shoes did not help. I purchased the Cluffy Everyday insoles and in three days, my feet felt better! I can get out and do more everyday-thank you Cluffy!
Laura D.
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(The Cluffy Insoles were originally called the Lux Step insole).

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