5 Common Misconceptions about Heel Pain

There are some ideas floating around about heel pain, which need to be cleared up.
So here we go…

Does a heel spur cause heel pain and need to be surgically removed? No

Pain in the heel used to be commonly known as “Heel Spur Syndrome.” Over the years this term has lost favor to Plantar Fasciitis. The reason it lost favor is that it misrepresented the cause of the pain in the heel. The heel spur really had nothing to do with the pain. We have found that heel spurs in people without heel pain (verified by x-ray) are just as common as they are in people, with heel pain. There is no significant connection between the presence of a spur and heel pain.

Surgery for heel pain is usually not necessary. Even if there is a large spur on the x-ray, there is no need to remove the spur. The spur is not the problem, it is the plantar fascia and the muscles inserting into the heel, (and sometimes a nerve on the bottom of the heel) so this is where the attention needs to be directed.

Plantar Fasciitis is incurable, isn’t it? No

People live with plantar fasciitis for years and they have not found a solution to their problem. This does not mean it is incurable. It usually means that the real cause of the problem has never been identified and addressed. Once the problem is properly identified, treatment for the condition is usually effective. One way or another the pain can usually be eliminated. If you have had Plantar Fasciitis or even chronic heel pain, there is a very good probability that you can be helped.

Plantar Fasciitis only occurs in older people, right? No

Young patients have a form of heel pain called Severs disease. This is an inflammation of the growth plate in the heel and a similar condition to Plantar Fasciitis. It just affects the weaker structure in the heel in children. Heel pain is common in athletes and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. As we age, we lose some of our protective cushioning in the heel and this causes a whole new set of heel problems in the elderly. No matter what your age, you can experience heel pain.

Custom orthotics, over the counter arch supports, or insoles can help heel pain, right? Sometimes YES

Not all insoles will properly address the underlying mechanical problem with the foot. Some of these products only put a cushion under the heel and do not change how the foot works at all. This stuff is a waste of your money.

Some people have had surgery for their heel pain because regular orthotics were not working. Because of this, we can say that not all insoles and orthotics will work for heel pain. Most of the time, they do not actually fix the problem. They just support the foot, but really do not have an effect on the function of the plantar fascia which is the cause of most heel pain. Custom orthotics will not necessarily do a better job, it just depends on how the orthotic prescription was made, which determines the benefit, not necessarily how much money you paid for them. You do not necessarily get what you pay for with orthotics and arch supports, sometimes you get just a lot of whistles and bells

The Cluffy Lux Step is specifically designed to address the root cause of most heel pain and fix the problem. You do not need to keep putting a pad or bandage on the same old problem, the rest of your life. We take a much different approach with addressing the function of the big toe, and the underlining biomechanical movement that is necessary, to eliminate pain.

heel pain

Plantar Fasciitis is usually from an injury, right? No

Trauma is usually not the reason for Plantar Fasciitis. The condition is usually caused by repetitive damage from the way you are walking. Abnormal foot position and function are usually not noticed before there is pain. If you know what a normal walking pattern is, you will start to notice people walking abnormally all the time. Most people do not walk normally.

The first time most people realize they have a problem is when pain develops. Believe me when I say that heel pain will get your attention quickly. You can hardly walk on the heel when the heel pain occurs. It is like an emergency, but this emergency has usually been developing for many months or years. This problem has been brewing for a while. Fortunately, the problem with heel pain is usually fairly simple to identify and therefore not that complicated to resolve. It is just a question of doing the right thing to get the resolution. Start there and add other things to deal with the pain. There are many proposed solutions, but only a few really deal with the root cause, and that is what you need to have. Since you are reading this blog, you have discovered the Cluffy Lux Step which is the correct solution to your problem.

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About the Author

James Clough, DPM is a Podiatric Foot and Ankle Surgeon with over 37 years of experience in clinical practice. In his pursuit to help more of his patients with common foot pains, he developed the Cluffy Wedge, which has been successful in the marketplace. His customers then wanted an insole with the Cluffy Wedge in place and after many years, trying to create a best-in-class product, he developed the Cluffy Lux Step Insole. This was introduced to the market in 2019. This insole is uniquely different from the other common brands of insoles sold on the market today. The need for an over the counter, affordable and simple solution was clear to him. His research indicates that the Lux Step is successful for most common foot pain problems, as the root cause of many of these issues has not been readily understood.

It is his goal to empower the consumer with an insole that is highly effective and inexpensive to deal with the root cause of most foot pains. This a powerful tool to let you return to your life without foot pain. Dr. Clough continues to see patients in Polson, Montana.

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