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Do you have consistent foot pain?
Have you been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis or other foot conditions?

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The Lux Step insole can provide relief
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The Lux Step® provides pain relief for sore feet, plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions.
This premier insole improves your balance and may help with hip, knee, leg and back pain.

3 Steps to foot pain relief...

1. Know your shoe size

2. Buy the Lux Step insole

3. Wear the insole in your shoes everyday everywhere

How the Lux Step compares with other insoles to eliminate foot pain...

The Lux Step insole is physician-designed to get to the root cause of foot and heel pain and provides true, long-lasting relief.

The combination of features of this insole delivers an incredibly effective approach to foot pain and plantar fasciitis by supporting all three arches of the foot.

This is the premier solution to your pain available in an over-the-counter insole.

The Lux Step is designed to fit best in stable walking shoes and boots.

We know you will agree that this is the best therapeutic insole you have ever worn.

True or False?


Plantar Fasciitis is caused by a tightening of the Plantar Fascia and Achilles tendon from the abnormal way the foot is working. Other insoles reduce the stretch of the plantar fascia and do not address the root cause of the disorder. When we maintain healthy tension of the Plantar Fascia this helps support more normal movement in other parts of the foot as well. 

With the Lux Step insole: 

  • The unique design allows the Plantar Fascia and Achilles to stretch normally.
  • Restore the foot to its natural state of flexibility to provide reliable relief of Plantar Fasciitis.


Current insoles like, Powerstep, Superfeet and Sole sell rigid insoles that act like a cast to reduce motion in the foot. When movement is disrupted, the foot is unable to heal and function normally.

With the Lux Step insole: 

  • Your feet will have support and the ability to move properly.
  • Restore the foot to its natural state of mobility and provide pain relief. 
  • Proper motion equals reliable pain relief.


Hard and firm insoles on the market cause premature wearing of your shoes and in some cases, callus formation on your feet. Rigid insoles also tend to move around in your shoes.


The Lux Step insole: 

  • Includes a winged arch design to work with your shoe and  provide optimal support to enhance proper alignment.
  • Interfaces seamlessly with your shoes!
  • Does not move around in your shoe.


Most insole companies do not provide for this shock absorbing cushion and are not as comfortable to wear. The force on the heel during walking is 2.5 times YOUR body weight. This force increases, the faster you walk or run.


The Lux Step insole:

  • Contains a gel pad that provides critical shock absorption to the heel and reduces heel pain.


Most insoles only support the one arch on the inside of the foot. This is not providing the proper support your foot needs.


The Lux Step insole:

  • Our patent-pending technology supports all three arches of the foot.
  • We restore the foot to its natural state of support and mobility, while providing reliable pain relief.


Most insole companies do not offer support for your foot pain, after you've purchased their products. Many people, seeking foot pain relief feel frustrated and concerned, not knowing what else to do.


With a Lux Step purchase you receive:

  • Customer support and a Foot Pain Relief Guide to help you navigate the healing process.
  • Cluffy cares about you and is dedicated to help you resolve your foot pain!
  • Find our more about our Foot Pain Relief Guide program, please see below.

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Insole Features:

Shock absorber on heel

Improve foot motion to decrease pain

Supports all three foot arches

Personal foot pain guided program

Lux Step


Dr. Scholl's


Power Step






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Find the quickest resolution to your foot pain!

When you purchase a Lux Step insole, you have a valuable resource. FREE access to a
Personal Pain Relief Guide!*

  • We want to help you resolve your foot pain as quickly as possible.
  • You can make an appointment to speak to our Foot Pain Relief Guide*. 
  • We will answer your questions and make sure you’re on the right track.
  • Our Foot Pain Relief Guide will recommend proper shoes to wear, stretching exercises, and additional tips that will assist you towards foot pain relief.
  • Your 15 minute call is free and confidential.

* This phone call is not to be considered medical advice.  Our role is to assist you based on what is working for our customers with similar pain problems. Consult a medical professional if you desire a diagnosis, or treatment for a specific condition.

5 Mistakes You Make with Foot Pain

Are you making these common mistakes?


Stop the daily pain
and frustration of foot pain.
Start Getting foot pain relief today!

With over 35 years of clinical practice,
Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Dr. James Clough,
shares the five most common mistakes people
make with foot pain.

Read more by downloading the PDF. 

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