4 Reasons to upgrade from the Cluffy Wedge® to our Lux Step® insole:

  1. The Cluffy Wedge is included in our Lux Step insole!
    Just insert the insole into your shoe, no worries about placement or losing the adhesive with moisture exposure.

  2. A more targeted SOLUTION for Plantar Fasciitis
    Cluffy Wedge is combined with other features of the Lux Step which improve the outcomes for most foot pains

  3. Easily transferable between shoes!
    Making it simple to wear all the time, reducing the time to pain relief.

  4. 30-Day Guarantee
    Nothing to lose, but your pain. 

Lux Step is physician designed to get to the root cause of foot and heel pain, and provides true, long-lasting relief. The combination of features of this device provides an incredibly effective approach to foot pain and plantar fasciitis.

Features of the Lux Step insole…

• Cluffy Wedge is incorporated in the Lux Step for optimal foot movement, allowing the plantar fascia ligament to work correctly
• Winged arches form when the insole is placed in the shoe and wraps the foot with proper support
• 1 cm gel heel pad provides optimal shock absorption in the heel without interfering with shoe fit
• Foam insole integrates with the shoe for optimal fit


List Price: $79.95

30-Day Guarantee
Nothing to lose but your pain.

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