The trouble with insoles

Comfort. Protection. Support. Relief. Insoles promise many things. However, many people find that these insoles are empty of these promises. They might provide relief for a short period of time but over time, they become less and less effective. Many people express frustrations like these. They have tried over-the-counter insoles and even paid for custom orthotics. They try physical therapy, injections and some contemplate surgery.

Sylvia, a 56-year-old woman with long-standing heel pain, is one of those people. She was miserable and the pain was changing her outlook on life. Her overall health was declining, her closest relationships were suffering, and she was constantly in a bad mood. She tried everything but her heel pain did not go away. Then, she tried our Cluffy Lux Step insole. Within a few weeks, she was walking better and the pain was gone!

The problem with many insoles is that they control the motion of the foot rather than improve how you walk to promote normal foot function. Without correcting this, people will continue to experience pain.

To walk properly, a person needs to roll through the foot and over the big toe. The Cluffy Lux Step insole increases the mobility of the big toe and motion of the foot. (The importance of the big toe is like the significance of the thumb of your hand). The big toe has a unique and very important role in the foot, increases the stability in the foot as one walks and properly stretches the ligaments and muscles that become tight with plantar fasciitis.

Just like exercising, the muscles and ligaments in your foot may experience soreness as you become accustomed to this way of walking. However, over time, you will step better and feel better just like Sylvia.

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