Read the Plantar Fasciitis pain and ball of foot pain relief success stories from our customers, who have purchased the Cluffy Lux Step® Shoe Insole for their foot pain problems.

“Goodbye plantar fasciitis”

“My pain from plantar fasciitis is almost gone- thanks to your insoles! Fairly soon after buying and wearing my Lux Step insoles, my pain was relieved! I highly recommend these to everyone.”

“Truly made a difference”

“Thank you for designing the Lux Step insoles. Heel pain was interfering with work, walking, and hiking, just to name a few. I now can enjoy my outdoor activities and stay on my feet throughout the whole workday pain-free! The Lux Steps have truly made a difference.”

“Nothing Has Helped Until Now”

“I have suffered for over a decade with chronic foot pain and nothing has really helped. When foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. James Clough told me to try his Lux Step insole I was skeptical. But the difference has been miraculous. It has alleviated pain and improved my balance.”

“Foot pain GONE”

“Having had Plantar Fasciitis foot pain for a long time, I was grateful to have found the Lux Step insoles, after trying many other products. The blue gel heel pad feels like you are walking on a cloud, and I now own three pairs of these insoles, for various shoes. My foot pain is gone thanks to these insoles.”

“Better after 2 weeks”

“My activities were very limited due to my ongoing heel pain. I purchased the Lux Steps and could not believe how much better I got after TWO WEEKS.  I am so happy I bought these products!””

“Plantar Fasciitis Gone”

“The Lux Step has eliminated my plantar fasciitis pain! I am on my second pair and I love them!”

“A product that works”

“I have been going to doctor after doctor trying to find relief for my low back and foot pain. A friend recommended the Cluffy brand shoe inserts (Lux Steps). Yes, I am going to say it…. WOW! I have tried many different inserts, medications, and physical therapies, and have finally found a product that works. I would urge you to check out the Cluffy inserts.”

“Not in pain”

“My day would begin and end with foot pain. I was changing shoes every couple of hours. I recently bought the Lux Step insoles and after only four hours of wearing them, I am not in pain! So thankful for your insole, as I work at the post office, and we are BUSY!”

“I was skeptical”

“Thank you, Dr. Clough, for these insoles. I was skeptical at first, but now after four weeks-my heel pain is GONE!”

“80% better from heel pain”

“I am a busy operating-room nurse. I am on my feet all day and as a result, I have suffered from severe heel pain.  I have tried everything from custom orthotics to over-the-counter insoles. They would all help a little, but nothing ever really brought me relief. I tried the Lux Step insoles and over the last two months, I have seen an 80% improvement in my heel pain. Grateful for your insoles!”


“I am so delighted with my new Cluffy Lux Step shoe insoles! I have tried many pairs of insoles before, and they did not help me. I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis and was very uncomfortable until I found the Lux Steps. The insoles are GREAT and I wear them all the time!”

“Highly recommend them”

“I wasn’t suffering from severe foot pain, but I did have foot fatigue from standing a lot in my SuperFeet insoles. I tried the LuxSteps and not only did the standing fatigue go away but my back started feeling better. The wrap around arch design provides excellent support and I’m walking better! Thanks LuxStep!”

“Back to competing”

“I am a long-distance runner, competed in the Boston marathon and ultra-trail marathons. I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis. I have tried other products over the years and was happy to find the Lux Step insoles. The wings on the insole hug your heel and this adds grip to your foot, removing “play” or slack when your shoes are on. It also surprised me by helping with my foot stability too. My pain is gone now, and I am back to competing, and I highly recommend it to family and friends!”

“What a difference in just 2 weeks”

“I have been diagnosed twice with plantar fasciitis. I have worn a boot to sleep in, gone to physical therapy, bought different types of shoes, and many different insoles. Not sure how much money I’ve spent, but it’s been a bunch. This time, I was told about the Cluffy Lux Step shoe insole. All to say, the Cluffy Lux Step has made a difference within the second week of wearing them. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of these before now. The three things I really love about them; they address the cause of pain, they allow me to resume activities that I couldn’t do because of pain, and they aren’t expensive. Thank YOU!“

“Hiking once again”

“I have been dealing with heel and ball of foot pain for eight months. After using the Cluffy Lux Step insole for three weeks, my feet have improved so much that I can get out and hike again! Thank you!”

“Game changer”

“I was having heel problems for about a year and a half. I heard about the Cluffy Lux Step insoles and tried them. They fit great in my basketball shoes and kept my arch and heel from moving around. In only a month, my feet had little to no pain! I am back in the game once again! I would highly recommend these!”

They are great!

“I had horrible shin splints which put me out of the running game for a few months, but the Lux Steps totally solved the problem. They are great! Thanks again for your product!”

“My feet are so much better”

“I am 12 years old, and my feet had become sore from basketball and baseball, and it was hard to walk. Since wearing the Cluffy Lux Steps, my feet are so much better and do not hurt at all. You ought to give them a try!”

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