Rest and Plantar Fasciitis

Have you ever had car troubles? Have you ever driven a car that is out of alignment? We know we’re supposed to take the car in every few years or every so miles to get our car aligned but have you ever ignored it? If you did, you’ll know that eventually, the tires will wear unevenly and steering correctly becomes difficult. Ignoring this problem eventually causes greater problems. Just letting the car rest will not solve the problem but the car must be realigned.

Our bodies are quite a bit different than cars but our bodies function mechanically just as cars do. There is a clear chain of events that lead to positive and negative consequences. Just as you’ll see health benefits like toned muscles and better sleep from adding exercise to your daily routine, walking incorrectly will eventually lead to health problems. Many people experience stabbing pain in the heel that may be caused by plantar fasciitis. This pain may have started suddenly, but it has probably been developing for months or perhaps even years.

Many doctors advise staying off your feet until the pain improves and prescribe medication to reduce the pain. Some doctors may recommend injections.  Unfortunately, these won’t solve the root issue, improper walking. Just as rest to a car with improper alignment is not enough, our bodies will continue to experience the same injuries if we only rely on rest and pain management. We also have to correct the way we walk. As we do, tightness of the muscles will start to go away and the root of the issue will be addressed. If your heel pain does not improve within a few weeks, there may still be a mechanical imbalance or there may be another cause for the problem. In these cases, you need to see someone that can help you get a proper diagnosis.

This advice is not considered medical advice for your specific condition.  If medical advice is needed, seek the care of a physician qualified in this type of care.

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