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Lux Step®

Lux Step is physician designed to get to the root cause of foot and heel pain and provides true, long-lasting relief. The combination of features of this insole delivers an incredibly effective approach to foot pain and plantar fasciitis by supporting all three arches of the foot. This is the premier solution to your pain available in an over-the-counter insole. The Lux Step is designed to fit best in stable walking shoes and boots. We think you will agree that this is the best therapeutic insole you have ever worn.

Success Stories

"I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for years, until I bought the
Lux Step insoles. I am 100% better and back to hiking and
outdoor activities!"


"Since using your product,
Lux Step I have not had any further issues with plantar fasciitis. I use to stretch constantly and slept in one of those horrible boot apparatus-NOT anymore! Thank you for inventing the Lux Step!"


"I had horrible shin splints which put me out of the running game for a few months but the
Lux Step totally solved the problem. They are great!"


"I had a sharp pain in one of my toes and could no longer be active as I liked. I started using the
Lux Step and relief soon followed. Best of all, my pain subsided! I recommend this product to anyone who has similar discomfort. Get your life back, like me!"


"My feet hurt most of the time. A friend recommended the
Lux Step and I just love them!
Relief came almost immediately."


"I am 62 years old and I run 25-30 miles a week. I was grateful to hear about the Lux Step! Within a day my I realized my right foot wasn’t hurting anymore!"


"I’ve tried to wear orthotics my whole life. I have never found anything so comfortable as the Lux Step. This is the first orthotic that has taken my heel
pain away!"


"I suffer from heel pain and found the Lux Step insole so comfortable! I am back to my normal workouts and activities  again. I love the arch support because it keeps my foot from rolling to one side. I can hike again!"


"I bought my Lux Steps about six weeks ago. I put the new
Lux Step insoles in my shoes immediately. My balance and walking has improved and truly, overnight, my leg cramps are gone! I love the cushioning and especially the heel pad!"


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Lux Step® Insole


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Product Details

Step Better. Feel Better.®

Buy with Confidence

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on our
Cluffy Wedge and Lux Step insole,
so you can buy with confidence.

30-Day Guarantee


• Cluffy Wedge is incorporated in the Lux Step for optimal foot movement allowing the plantar fascia ligament to work correctly
• Dynamic arch design supports all three arches of the foot with long-lasting pain relief
• Winged arches form when the insole is placed in the shoe and wraps the foot with proper support
• 1 cm gel heel pad provides optimal shock absorption in the heel without interfering with shoe fit
• Foam insole integrates with the shoe for optimal fit


• Pain relief for plantar fasciitis, ball of foot, calluses, bunions, and Achilles tendon
• Improved balance and foot movement – may help hip, leg & back pain
• Easily transferable between shoes – replaces shoe liner

Shoe selection may enhance or reduce foot correction
(see shoe recommendations)
May aggravate pain in big toe joint if there is arthritis in the joint


• Durable high density EVA foam
• 1 cm gel heel pad
• 3 mm. thickness of the forefoot.
• Synthetic top cover does not hold moisture

Shoe Recommendations

Work boots
Western boots (some)
Hiking/Hunting boots
Leather work/Walking shoes
Athletic/Running shoes & Cleats
Leather casual dress shoes
Classic Nordic ski boots

Shoes to Avoid

Rocker bottom shoes
Shoes that do not bend

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