Cluffy Lux Step® Shoe Insole

The best shoe insole for plantar fasciitis pain. Eliminate your foot pain once and for all!



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How To Install the Cluffy Lux Step® Shoe Insole

“My Foot Pain is Gone after Just 4 Days of wearing the Cluffy Lux Step Insoles”

~ Gary . Horse Rancher~

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“Huge Difference!”

“Shoes off to Dr. Clough”! I had pain from plantar fasciitis and was told I needed foot surgery. I could not be on my feet for an extended period. I went to see Dr. Clough and he recommended the affordable Lux Step insole. I walked with little to no pain the very first day, and after a couple of weeks, I do not have any more pain. I enjoy my renewed freedom and am still doing well – pain-free after a year! ”

Designed to Provide Long-Lasting Relief
from Plantar Fasciitis Pain or Foot Pain

Here is why it works so well…

Finally, THE solution for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis has met its match.  This insole was designed specifically to attack this disorder, and get your life back!  What would your life look like without plantar fasciitis?

“Immediate Pain Relief!”

My feet hurt most of the time from plantar fasciitis. A friend recommended the Lux Step and I just love them! Relief came almost immediately. Now I tell my friends about them, and I have bought another pair! No more pain!

We Get It.

Plantar Fasciitis pain or foot pain has kept you from the activities you love. It’s time to put an end to that.

Foot pain from plantar fasciitis shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love to do! If you constantly suffer from sore feet, experience foot pain, or have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis or other foot conditions, you do not have to live with the pain. The Lux Step insole can provide relief from your foot problems.

  • Pain relief for plantar fasciitis.
  • Improved balance and foot movement – may help hip, leg & back pain.
  • Easily transferable between shoes and replaces your shoe liner.

“Wonderful! No Foot Pain”

“I was having heel pain and plantar fasciitis for about a year and a half. I recently found the Lux Step insoles and in just a month my feet had little to NO pain! It is wonderful and I recommend the Lux Step insoles! They were a game-changer to me!”
(Age 12)

How to Install the
Cluffy Lux Step® Shoe Insole

When you purchase a Lux Step insole,
you have a valuable resource.
FREE access to a
Foot Pain Relief Guide!*

  • We want to help you resolve your foot pain as quickly as possible.
  • You can make an appointment to speak to our Foot Pain Relief Guide*. 
  • We will answer your questions and make sure you’re on the right track.
  • Our Foot Pain Relief Guide will recommend proper shoes to wear, stretching exercises, and additional tips that will assist you towards foot pain relief.
  • Your 15-minute call is free and confidential.

*This phone call is not to be considered medical advice.  Our role is to assist you based on what is working for our customers with similar pain problems. Consult a medical professional if you desire a diagnosis or treatment for a specific condition.


Simply use a damp cloth and mild detergent and wipe the insoles off. Do not submerge them in water, they are not waterproof.

Yes, it is best to remove the shoe liner so that the Lux Step insole can provide you with the best support.

NO! our insole arches are meant to cradle the foot and work with your shoe to form the arches of the insole around the foot to provide optimum support.  The “wings” are designed to integrate the insole with the shoe, rather than just have the insoles sit in the shoe independent of the shoe. 

Yes, they are easy to “shuttle” back and forth from one pair of shoes to another. However, most customers buy several pairs for the convenience of having the insoles in place already. Plus, you get free shipping when you buy two or more pairs!

You can wear them all day right away, but you will be using and moving your foot much differently than you are used to, and this may create some temporary discomfort.  This will resolve fairly quickly once the tissues stretch to where they should be.  This is like going to the gym and working out after being sedentary.  A little pain may be a good thing and indicates that the insoles are doing what they are supposed to.

Our shoe guides can get you going on the right path.  Send them an e-mail and they will schedule a call with you.  We are not able to provide a diagnosis for your foot condition.

We recommend you wear our insoles daily, and most customers get about 8-10 months of normal wear out of a pair. If you exercise a lot, you may need to replace the insoles more often depending on your activity, weight, and overall care of insoles.

The gel heel pad goes under your heel. Be sure you refer to the R or L on the bottom of the insole for proper placement your right or left shoe.

The geometric pattern is on the top of the insole. Simply face this design up in your shoe. On the bottom of the insoles refer to a R and L mark and be sure to put the appropriate one in the right and left shoe. 

Shoes are important when wearing our insole. Please refer to our shoe selection guide for specific information, on what features to look for in a good shoe.

Are the insoles for running and other sports?  Yes, they help runners immensely.  Wear them no matter what you are doing.

Smile, walk through the foot like you mean it; long stride,fast pace, and walk through the big toe.  Pair these with a shoe having the features we recommend.  There are lots of shoes that will work for you in all styles.  Wear them all the time if you can.  Tell a friend why you are feeling so good.  Let us know how they helped you.  It makes our day.