Read the foot pain relief success stories and reviews from our customers who are using Cluffy to solve their foot pain needs.


“I have suffered for over a decade with chronic arthritic foot-pain and nothing has really helped. When foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. James Clough told me to try his Lux Step insole I was skeptical. But the difference has been miraculous. It has alleviated pain and improved my balance.”
~Ryan Tootell, ESPN Radio

Meet Sylvia...


Sylvia, a 56-year-old woman suffered with long-standing heel pain.
She was miserable and the pain was changing her outlook on life. Her overall health was declining, her closest relationships were suffering, and she was constantly in a bad mood. She tried everything but her heel pain did not go away. Then, she tried our Cluffy Wedges. Within a few weeks, she was walking better and the pain was gone!

Balance Improved...


“I bought my Lux Steps 4 weeks ago and put them into my shoes immediately. My balance and walking has IMPROVED and truly almost overnight, my leg cramps are GONE! I love the cushioning of the heel pad. Thank you for inventing these!”
~ Pamela


The Lux Step is GREAT!


By the end of the day of wearing my Lux Steps, I noticed great relief in my heel pain! This is a great product and I will tell my family and friends about it!

Bunion Pain GONE!

foot pain relief women
“I have painful bunions and the Lux Step has alleviate that pain! The Lux Step has an amazing arch that helped heal my plantar fasciitis. I love the cushion in the heel and have told my family about this insole too. I would highly recommend it!”
~Diane, Retired Air Hostess

80% Improvement!


“I am a busy operating room nurse. I am on my feet all day long on hard, concrete floors. I have suffered from severe heel pain. I have tried everything from custom orthotics to over-the-counter insoles, but nothing brought me relief …(from) my plantar fasciitis and functional hallux limitus, until the Cluffy Wedge. I have seen an 80% improvement in my heel pain.”
~Craig, Operating Nurse


No More Plantar Fasciitis!


“I am so delighted with my new Lux Step insoles!. I have tried many pairs of insoles before and they did not help me. I suffered from Plantar fasciitis and was very uncomfortable until I found the Lux Steps. The insoles are GREAT and I wear them all the time! I am 100% pleased with them!”
~ Louis


What are you waiting for?

You have nothing to lose, but pain.

The Lux Step insole is physician designed to get to the root cause of foot and heel pain and provides true, long-lasting relief. The combination of features of this insole delivers an incredibly effective approach to foot pain and plantar fasciitis by supporting all three arches of the foot. This is the premier solution to your pain available in an over-the-counter insole. The Lux Step is designed to fit best in stable walking shoes and boots. We know you will agree that this is the best therapeutic insole you have ever worn.

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