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Here are two informational videos to help maximize the results of your new Lux Step insole.

How to Insert the Lux Step

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Walking Properly

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Pain Relief Guide Program

When you purchase a Lux Step insole
you have a valuable resource!
FREE access to a
personal pain relief guide.*
Schedule Your Appointment Below!

  • We want to help you resolve your foot pain as quickly as possible.

  • You can make an appointment to speak to our Foot Pain Relief Guide*. 

  • We will answer your questions and make sure you’re on the right track.

  • Our Foot Pain Relief Guide will recommend proper shoes to wear,
    stretching exercises, and additional tips that will assist you towards foot pain relief.

  • Your 15 minute call is free and confidential.

This phone call is not to be considered medical advice.  Our role is to assist you based on what is working for our customers with similar pain problems. Consult a medical professional if you desire a diagnosis, or treatment for a specific condition.
Online Appointment Scheduling - Nancy from Cluffy

Welcome to my Foot Pain and Relief Guide scheduling page. Please follow the instructions to book an appointment.

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