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Foot pain is real and debilitating.  Americans make several million visits to medical professionals annually, and 10% of people will suffer heel pain in their lifetime. One in 8 Americans are suffering from some type of foot pain or deformity right now. Many people find relief in wearing the Cluffy Insoles.

Pain in your feet impacts your activities, and it can affect every area of your life. This makes living a healthy lifestyle more difficult, as other medical issues are more likely to develop from sedentary habits. It even impacts the friends you choose and your hobbies.

Foot pain is a sure sign that something is wrong with your foot. Your feet should not hurt. Foot pain is like the “check engine” light coming on the car’s dashboard. If your feet are painful, then this is your body telling you that something is not right; this is a good time to pay attention, as ignoring this pain may result in further injury or deformity to the foot. 

Try our Cluffy insoles today and get back to doing the things you love to do.
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\”Nothing Has Helped Until Now.\”

““I have suffered for over a decade with chronic foot pain and nothing has really helped. When foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. James Clough told me to try his Lux Step insole I was skeptical. But the difference has been miraculous. It has alleviated pain and improved my balance.””


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