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Cluffy Sport Insole


Step up your game and put performance in your shoes!

Performance, balance, and posture start with the foot in all athletes. The foot has a tripod of stability on the heel, behind the big toe, and in back of the little toe on the outside of the foot. If any of these areas is unstable, your balance and stability will be compromised.

You work hard to improve your game. Let us help you with your foundation, your feet. The unique design of our insoles allows a stable foot structure that results in optimal performance.

The Cluffy Sports insole can help you with your game!

Inside the Cluffy Sport Insole

Cluffy Wedge

The Cluffy Wedge

Helps with many foot pains and balance problems.

(patented feature)

With many foot pains and balance problems, the big toe does not bend normally, even though this is seldom detected.  When the big toe functions normally with the Cluffy Wedge, the foot is brought into a stable structure as you move forward and realigns the bone structure to propel the body efficiently, through the windlass mechanism. This is critical for restoration of normal balance and the elimination of many foot pains.

Cluffy Arch Support

Cluffy Arch Support

Restores the foot to optimal function, improving comfort, balance, and even performance for the athlete.

(patented feature)

The patented Cluffy Arch looks different right away–and it is different since it supports the three arches of the foot. The Cluffy Arch enables the bone at the base of the big toe to move downward toward the ground, allowing the inside arch to form normally when walking.  The Cluffy Arch also allows the ball-of-the-foot arch, as well as the arch on the outside of the foot, to form normally. The insole presses up around the foot as it sits in the shoe, helping the foot feel more stable. This restores the foot to optimal function, improving comfort, balance, and even performance for the athlete.

Gel Heel Pad

Gel Heel Pad

Designed to lessen stress when walking, standing, or running.

The gel heel pad cushions the heel you were born with. As you age, the shock-absorbing character of your heel pad is lost, resulting in impact two to six times your body weight being transmitted to the rest of your body. The 6 mm gel pad is designed to lessen impact when walking, standing, or running. If you have heel pain, relief will be immediately noticeable and beneficial. The gel pad allows the insole to stay firmly in the shoe.

Read what our customers are saying...

94% of our reviews are 4 or 5 stars!

The Cluffy Sports Insole has been a great addition to my golf setup this year and I now consider it a primary piece of my golf equipment.  The added stability and comfort it provided made me a true believer.  The stability has allowed me to increase my club head speed and the comfort has made rounds more enjoyable.  I am now hitting the ball farther on full swing shots and am definitely less tired after walking 18 holes.  The fact that I can put the sports insole into any style of golf shoe is a nice perk as well.  Great product.
Scott Anderson
I recently suffered an MCL injury and I can really feel an improvement in my overall stability and balance when the Cluffy Sport insoles are in my wrestling shoes. Stability and balance are the most important factors to wrestling and maintaining movement in the neutral position! These Cluffy Sport insoles are great!
Bruno Nicoletti
When I work out I have much BETTER stability overall. These Cluffy insoles have helped not only me but also my Dad wears them now too! Great insoles!
I noticed right off the bat,  that my stance, moving around and stability are better as I wrestle. I felt the stability with wearing my Cluffy Sport insoles thru my shot progression and in my stance, definitely more stability in forward and backward lateral motion. Overall, I have more control in my stance and thru my shot progression, which is a huge part of wrestling. I highly recommend the Cluffy insoles!
My feet are happy that I found these Cluffy Sport insoles! I have better performance in my workouts now and you will too! Try them!
I was struggling with foot pain and could only run a few miles a day. After trying the Cluffy insoles and wearing them for about a month- I am running my normal 60-75 miles a week pain free! Thank you Cluffy!
I am a runner and suffer from SHIN SPLINTS and FOOT PAIN. I was told by a friend to buy the Cluffy insoles for foot pain relief. After trying this insole I would tell you to, "Run to get the Cluffy Sport insole" yourself if you suffer from foot pain! You will be glad you did!
Scott Anderson
Bruno Nicoletti
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(The Cluffy Insoles were originally called the Lux Step insole).

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