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Lux Step is designed to get to the root cause of heel and arch pain and provide true, long-lasting relief. The combination of features of this device provide an incredibly effective approach to this sometimes difficult problem. This is the best solution to your heel pain available in an over the counter insole. We think you will agree that this is the most comfortable insole you have ever worn.

The Lux Step’s unique features include:

  • Gel Heel Pad: Provides optimum shock absorption in the heel without interfering with shoe fit
  • Wings: That hug the foot for comfort and provides arch support on the inside and outside of the foot by wrapping the foot in comfortable support.
  • Dynamic Arch Design (patent pending): Allows for best arch support when needed most. As you move through each step, it pulls away from your foot, then hugs back to your foot as you walk, providing optimum support when you need it most.
  • Patented Cluffy Wedge: Improves proper stretching of the plantar fascia, that is often tight to reduce heel pain. Improves proper body movement with exercise.

60-day money back guarantee on all Cluffy made products – the Cluffy Wedge and Cluffy Lux Step insole.

Lux Step insole arch view

Works with nearly all shoes and all brands!

  • Work boots
  • Dress shoes
  • Cross trainers
  • Cleats
  • Heals
  • Flats
  • Tennis shoes
  • Hiking shoes
  • Casual shoes

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Find out what people are saying about Cluffy Wedge, Lux Step and Heel Pain Kit!

“Immediate results”
Testimonial Image
“I suffered for years with pain when I walked, tried lots of therapies, nothing seemed to relieve the pain. As soon as I put the wedge on my insole I noticed immediate results. Wow! I could not believe it. Thanks Cluffy Wedge.”
“Effective Solution”
Testimonial Image
“After 6 months of walking pain and failed custom orthotics I am happy to say the Cluffy Wedge has brought me relief from my Hallux Limitus. My dog is particularly happy as she now gets her daily walks. Thank you Dr. Cluffy for creating a simple but effective solution to my problem.”
“Limited Flexibility”
Testimonial Image
“I am a runner who struggled with plantar fasciitis. I had very limited flexibility in my big toe. The Cluffy Wedge was able to resolve my plantar fasciitis issues that I have been living with, in significant pain, for years.”
“Huge Difference.”
Testimonial Image
I have been suffering with constant pain in the ball of my feet for over a year now. I have noticed a huge difference in only a few days! I'm so excited to finally find a relief for my feet pain.
“It’s amazing.”
Testimonial Image
It’s amazing that something as small as a “wedge” under the big toe can make such a big difference in the way your foot feels while walking. As a mail carrier, how your feet feel while walking, is everything.
“Now I can jog.”
Testimonial Image
I used to get tremendous pain from shin splints after only 10 minutes of walking. Now I can jog! I love these and my dog appreciates them too!
“Helped Immensely.”
Testimonial Image
I had terrible bunion pain and my insurance wouldn't cover orthotics. The cluffy wedge helped immensely! I am even able to go hiking again!
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