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Over 75% of people suffer from foot pain. Whether it is due to improper footwear, excessive standing or the way we walk – the foot can hurt! The Cluffy P4 Wedge gets to the root of the problem and stops the pain.
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Keen Detroit 8″

Keen Detroit 8″

Keen Detroit 8″

Overall score: 83

  • Heel stability: 25/25
  • Midfoot stability: 23/25
  • Forefoot flexibility: 35/50

These boots demonstrate a very solid rearfoot stability and midfoot but fall short on its forefoot flexibility measuring at 30 degrees. This is a true work or hiking boot with a steel toe for protection. The boots also have a waterproof and breathable membrane. These boots are not recommended for everyday wear unless the steel toe protection is a required on the job.

Hannah Lee
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