Keen Braddock Mid

Keen Braddock Mid Shoe Review Overall score: 78

  • Heel stability: 25/25
  • Midfoot Stability: 23/25
  • Forefoot Flex: 30/50
This shoe demonstrates a stable heel and midfoot. While the forefoot was fairly stiff, it flexed at the right location at 30 degrees. A stiff forefoot prevents the walker from being able to fully flex the foot starting from the toe as it was designed to do so. This will be a good hiking or work boot for trekking and challenging hikes. The steel toe and puncture and slip resistance will make this a desirable work boot. As an added plus, this shoe also is waterproof. Since this shoe is stiff in the forefoot, an over-the-counter arch support is recommended to be used while wearing these boots.]]>

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