You may wear insoles, have heard of other people wearing insoles, or seen them in a store as you are walking around. A question you may ask yourself is, how do insoles work?

Insoles provide a shell on the bottom of the foot and slow down the velocity of the motion of the foot. Insoles are usually felt to be best used when someone has an abnormal degree of motion of the foot rolling inward called excessive pronation. Studies show that insoles do little to actually change the position of the foot relative to the floor, but they do seem to slow down pronation motion.. Recently, it has been questioned by some experts, if this is always needed, as pronation is a necessary movement of the foot when the foot first hits the floor, mainly for shock absorption meaning orthotics may not be targeting the right thing.

We at Cluffy view insoles through a different lens, in that the insole should promote the natural movement of the foot. The foot is a shock absorber when it comes in contact with the floor, and then goes through a transformation as you move forward and roll through the ball of the foot.  As you do this, your foot becomes more stable and is able to roll you forward efficiently for the next step. When this occurs, there is a distinct change in the bone structure of the foot.

What we feel is vitally important to walking correctly is enabling your foot to roll forward and transform the bony structure to this new shape.  If we can do this, this is taking a huge step to restoring normal walking and dealing with the pain of incorrect movement, such as heel pain as a result of Plantar Fasciitis, or pain on the ball of the foot behind the toes.

Instead of cutting down on the motion, we actually want to improve the proper foot motion.  When we restore this proper motion then we provide stability of the parts of the foot requiring stability and allow the ankle to move properly. The Cluffy Lux Step works by actively engaging key parts of the foot from your toe to heel to enhance normal foot motion when walking, running, or even standing. That is why we are different.

Improved motion allows you to realize the benefits of improved movement, reduced pain, increased activity level and better quality of life at work and at home allowing you to be the hero you need to be for your family and loved ones.

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