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Our insoles are better because they are different.

The result? Improved stability, comfort, performance, and pain relief every day.

The ONLY insole designed by a Board-Certified foot surgeon!

Cluffy Wedge

(patented by Dr. James Clough)

With many foot pains and balance problems, the big toe does not bend normally, even though this is seldom detected.  When the big toe moves normally, the foot is brought into a stable structure as you move forward and realigns the bone structure to propel the body forward efficiently, through the windlass mechanism. This is critical for restoration of normal balance and the elimination of many foot pains. 

Cluffy Arch Support

(patented by Dr. James Clough)

The patented Cluffy Arch looks different right away–and it is different since it supports the three arches of the foot. The Cluffy Arch enables the bone at the base of the big toe to move downward toward the ground, allowing the inside arch to form normally when walking.  The Cluffy Arch also allows the ball-of-the-foot arch, as well as the arch on the outside of the foot, to form normally. The insole presses up around the foot as it sits in the shoe, helping the foot feel more stable. This restores the foot to optimal function, improving comfort, balance, and even performance for the athlete.

Cluffy Arch Support

Unlike traditional insoles that only support the arch underneath the foot, the Cluffy insole works with the shoe to fully support the three arches.

Once the Cluffy insole is in your shoes, the arch support rolls up the sides of the shoe to cradle your arches on both sides of your foot.

Gel Heel Pad

The gel heel pad cushions the heel you were born with. As you age, the shock-absorbing character of your heel pad is lost, resulting in impact two to six times your body weight being transmitted to the rest of your body. The 6 mm gel pad is designed to lessen this stress when standing, walking, or running. If you have heel pain, relief will be immediately noticeable and beneficial. The gel pad allows the insole to stay firmly in the shoe, ideal for the athlete.

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