Heel Pain Relief Kit




Heel Pain Relief Kit

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All of the products used in our Heel Pain Relief Kit have been tested in clinic and found to be the best combination of products and exercises that have been proven to show significant results.

Please note:  these products are not returnable.

Heel Pain Relief Kit includes:

Better than bio-freeze and tiger balm, this unique, medicinal-grade blend of ingredients provides a pain relieving effect superior to other products. Not sold in conventional retail stores, this pain relieving gel is easy to apply and meets the standards set by Dr. Clough for clinical use.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about these larger, cold or hot wonders, is that they are insulated on one side. This means you can hold it with ease, without your hand getting too cold or too hot. In addition, these ice packs stay pliable when put in the freezer rather than turning into a hard-to-manage block. In a word, these guys are handy.

Simple, lightweight, petite, AND portable, this convenient apparatus is what you need to get the ideal stretch of your Achilles tendon no matter where you are. Forget using the wall, Dr. Clough has found this to give a far superior stretch to the Achilles. Use it at home, at the gym, or even at work for pesky persisting problems.

Simple and far more effective than using your fingers, this massage mini helps you apply pressure to sore spots on your foot. With its multiple surfaces, you can choose which surface works best for you. In addition, its size and design allow it to fit well in your hand, enabling those that suffer from stiff hand joints to use it with ease.

Note: We suggest that you use the full circle side to rub the underneath of the foot as it provides a larger surface area of pressure on one’s foot.

Created specifically for heel pain relief, and written by Dr. James Clough, these instructions are provided to explain how best to integrate each product into your daily pain-relief regimen.

This sock is worn at night to provide additional stretch for the Achilles tendon. This is the most comfortable night splint we have found. We recommend this as step 3 in our 3-step process for an alleviation of heel pain.

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Find out what people are saying about Cluffy Wedge®, Lux Step®, and the Heel Pain Kit!

“Immediate Results”
Testimonial Image
“I suffered for years with pain when I walked, tried lots of therapies, nothing seemed to relieve the pain. As soon as I put the wedge on my insole I noticed immediate results. Wow! I could not believe it. Thanks, Cluffy Wedge®.”
“Effective Solution”
Testimonial Image
“After 6 months of walking in pain and failed custom orthotics, I am happy to say the Cluffy Wedge® has brought me relief from my Hallux Limitus. My dog is particularly happy as she now gets her daily walks. Thank you, Dr. Clough, for creating a simple, but effective solution to my problem.”
“Limited Flexibility”
Testimonial Image
“I am a runner who has struggled with plantar fasciitis. I had very limited flexibility in my big toe. The Cluffy Wedge® was able to resolve the plantar fasciitis issues that I have been living with, in significant pain, for years.”
“Huge Difference”
Testimonial Image
I have been suffering from constant pain in the balls of my feet for over a year now. I have noticed a huge difference in only a few days! I am so excited to finally find relief for my foot pain.
“It’s Amazing”
Testimonial Image
It’s amazing that something as small as a “wedge” under the big toe can make such a big difference in the way your foot feels while walking. As a mail carrier, how your feet feel while walking is everything.
“Now I Can Jog”
Testimonial Image
I used to get tremendous pain from shin splints after only 10 minutes of walking. Now I can jog! I love these, and my dog appreciates them too!
“Helped Immensely”
Testimonial Image
I had terrible bunion pain and my insurance wouldn't cover orthotics. The Cluffy Wedge® has helped immensely! I am even able to go hiking again!
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