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What it helps: In addition to the list of ailments listed on our homepage, the Cluffy Wedge and Lux Step have also been proven to relieve some types of ankle pain, leg pain, knee pain, hip pain, and back pain!

How it works: When you first read about how easily the Cluffy Wedge can ease your foot and heel pain, this clinically-proven design can almost seem like magic. After all, how can such a tiny thing make such a huge difference? Well, we believe you should try it and find out for yourself.

In addition to the Cluffy Wedge, we now offer a full insole, the Lux Step which includes the Cluffy Wedge technology as well as many other features.  Finishing out the Cluffy family of products is our Heel Pain Relief Kit. This kit assists people who have chronic heel pain.

How do I know what product to order if I have heel pain?

Knowing which product to order depends in part on the amount of inability, discomfort, or pain you are experiencing AND how long you have been in pain. Use this formula only if you are suffering from heel pain:

For example if you were to look at the pain scale above and said you were at a level “4” with your pain, and you had been in pain for five weeks, Cluffy would score that as a “20” (4 x 5 = 20). However, if you were to say you were at a level 8 on the pain scale and had been experiencing that pain for ten weeks, we would put you at a score of 80 (8X10). The higher the score, the longer it will take and the more involved it will be to improve your heel pain.

With this in mind, we have created a pain score scale (below) which will allow you to see what products are best for you to get the most relief from your foot and heel pain with our Cluffy products. Before knowing what to get, simply find your pain score number as in the examples above. (Use the level of pain on the pain scale times the number of weeks you have been in pain). With that number, look below to find the corresponding Cluffy products that can help you.

  • 0 - 40:
    The best product to start with is a Cluffy Wedge for your sandals and a Lux Step insole for your shoes. This will get your big toe unlocked and allow you to walk correctly, relieving pain.
  • 40 - 60:
    Using the Lux Step for your shoes, Cluffy Wedge for your sandals and the Heel Pain Relief Kit for your feet, you will insure that your feet are being stretched and massaged - allowing for maximum pain relief. This triple-combo of Cluffy products allows for you to rehab your heel at home on a daily basis. After the scale and descriptions (all three) please put: Note: in order to get the most out of your Cluffy products, you need to choose only shoes with a large enough toe box to accommodate the lift under your big toe. These shoes include: work boots, dress shoes, cross trainers, cleats, flats, tennis shoes, hiking shoes, casual shoes
  • 60+:
    At this level of pain, most customers will want to use our full line of products. The Lux Step insole for shoes, the Cluffy Wedge for sandals, the Heel Pain Relief Kit for pain management and heel rehab, and the Strassburg Sock to bring about even more relief to your heel.
Lux Step for your shoes, Cluffy Wedge for your sandals.
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Lux Step, Cluffy Wedge and add the Heel Pain Relief Kit
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Add the Heel Pain Relief Kit and the Strassburg Sock
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Find out what people are saying about Cluffy Wedge, Lux Step and Heel Pain Kit!

“Immediate results”
Testimonial Image
“I suffered for years with pain when I walked, tried lots of therapies, nothing seemed to relieve the pain. As soon as I put the wedge on my insole I noticed immediate results. Wow! I could not believe it. Thanks Cluffy Wedge.”
“Effective Solution”
Testimonial Image
“After 6 months of walking pain and failed custom orthotics I am happy to say the Cluffy Wedge has brought me relief from my Hallux Limitus. My dog is particularly happy as she now gets her daily walks. Thank you Dr. Cluffy for creating a simple but effective solution to my problem.”
“Limited Flexibility”
Testimonial Image
“I am a runner who struggled with plantar fasciitis. I had very limited flexibility in my big toe. The Cluffy Wedge was able to resolve my plantar fasciitis issues that I have been living with, in significant pain, for years.”
“Huge Difference.”
Testimonial Image
I have been suffering with constant pain in the ball of my feet for over a year now. I have noticed a huge difference in only a few days! I'm so excited to finally find a relief for my feet pain.
“It’s amazing.”
Testimonial Image
It’s amazing that something as small as a “wedge” under the big toe can make such a big difference in the way your foot feels while walking. As a mail carrier, how your feet feel while walking, is everything.
“Now I can jog.”
Testimonial Image
I used to get tremendous pain from shin splints after only 10 minutes of walking. Now I can jog! I love these and my dog appreciates them too!
“Helped Immensely.”
Testimonial Image
I had terrible bunion pain and my insurance wouldn't cover orthotics. The cluffy wedge helped immensely! I am even able to go hiking again!
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