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Over 75% of people suffer from foot pain. Whether it is due to improper footwear, excessive standing or the way we walk – the foot can hurt! The Cluffy P4 Wedge gets to the root of the problem and stops the pain.
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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Have questions about Cluffy products?

We’ve got answers.

What’s your return policy?

We have a 60-day guarantee on comfort. Return your product to the place of purchase and you will be refunded according to store policy.

How long will this product last?

Our products are made of materials that are durable and will not wear out quickly. When the product wears out on top or becomes excessively soiled, it is time to replace it.

How do I clean it?

Simply clean the products by hand with mild soap and water.

What kinds of footwear can I use the product in?

The products are best in athletic shoes, good walking shoes and boots as they have enough space for the products and your feet. Ensure that shoes have good flexibility behind the toes to take advantage of the full benefits imparted by our products. Our products can even be applied in sandals.  As dress shoes usually have limited space, they are not generally conducive to using our products.

Is there an adjustment period for your product?

Yes. Our products are designed to encourage you to walk differently. Your body needs time to adjust to the proper walking method. Generally, during the first two weeks, you may want to wear these for only parts of the day.  As a rule of thumb, if your foot starts to hurt because the device is uncomfortable, then you should remove the product and wait to try it again the next day.

Can this be transferred from shoe to shoe?

Most of our products, the answer is yes! The Cluffy Wedge will only be transferrable if it is adhered to a transferrable shoe liner.

Does your product help with plantar fasciitis?

Yes! As you start using our products, you will start walking the way your foot was designed. By addressing the mechanical imbalances in the foot, your feet will start to work normally.  As this occurs, plantar fasciitis is alleviated in many people.