A shoe insole that improves balance and eliminates foot pain.

Say Goodbye to Foot Pain Once and for All.

Our Lux Step® Shoe insole is the proven solution to end your foot pain. Finally, you can end your frustration with painful ball of foot pain, heel pain, sore feet, plantar fasciitis, and other forms of chronic foot pain. Give it a try!

We Get it.

We know your foot pain is a massive interruption in your daily life and activities.

 It deprives you of the joy of a simple walk, daily exercise, and even time with your family. Like you, many people try to live with foot pain, constantly looking for a solution. They have tried many leading remedies including medication, inserts, and footwear, yet nothing seems to work or last for very long. 

Foot pain shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love to do! It’s time to put an end to your pain. If you constantly suffer from sore feet, experience foot pain or have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis or other foot conditions, you do not have to live with the pain. The Lux Step insole can provide relief from your foot problems, once and for all.

The Ultimate Solution to Foot Pain

Meet the Cluffy Lux Step® Insole

The Lux Step Insole was created by a Foot and Ankle Surgeon that understands foot pain. Dr. James Clough has spent decades helping people with ball of foot pain, heel pain, chronic arthritic pain and more; get to a place where they can experience a foot pain-free life again. He created the Lux Step Insole so you can get the foot pain relief you deserve and focus your attention on the people, activities, and hobbies you love.

Put An End To Your Foot Pain! Experience Foot Pain Relief with the Cluffy Lux Step® Insole

We understand foot pain and we understand how to provide foot pain relief. Our solution, the Lux Step insole has successfully eliminated foot pain in many of our customers and it can work for you too!

Created by a Foot and Ankle Surgeon and tested vigorously on numerous people successfully, The Lux Step Insole is a reliable choice for pain-free walks, running, and other activities.


Over One Million Products Sold!

Read what our satisfied customers say about
eliminating foot pain with the Cluffy Lux Step® insole.


“I have suffered for over a decade with CHRONIC ATHRITHIC PAIN and nothing has really helped. When Foot and Ankle Surgeon, James Clough told me to try his Lux Step insole I was skeptical. But the difference has been MIRACULOUS. It has alleviated pain and improved my balance.”
ESPN Radio

“Bunion Pain GONE!”

“I have painful bunions and the Lux Step has ALLEVIATED that PAIN! The Lux Step has an AMAZING arch that helped HEAL my plantar fasciitis. I love the cushion in the heel and have told my family about this insole too. I would highly recommend it!”
Retired Air Hostess

“Balance Improved!”

The LUX STEP is nothing short of MIRACULOUS! I have suffered over a decade with CHRONIC FOOT PAIN and when I tried the Lux Step insoles, it has provided pain relief. Get a pair of Lux Step Shoe Insoles today!