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Rod, Admin November 1, 2022

Baby Boomer Still Running!

I am a baby boomer 62 years young & run 35-40 miles a week. I was grateful to hear about the Lux Step! Within a day,  I realized my right foot wasn’t hurting anymore! Now after two weeks- I am much better and happy I bought these insoles!

Gloria, Salesclerk November 1, 2022

Very Comfortable!

Your insoles are very comfortable and I love them. I suffered from foot pain and now I am almost all better. Thank you for inventing such a good product!

Amy, verified buyer January 27, 2023

Insoles didn't help me

I suffer from bone spurs and other foot pains. I tried your insoles and they did not reduce my pain, so I had to return them. Glad you had a return policy.

Thrifty shopper, Mother January 30, 2023

Coupon codes?

I have been buying the Lux Steps for over a year, love them- and have not seen a coupon code advertised yet. Is this something you will do or are you going to offer a special sale soon?

Karen, verified buyer May 22, 2023

I Hiked All Over Scotland With My Cluffy Insoles!

Love my insoles, I have two pair, just hiked all over Scotland, my back and feet rocked it!!!

Debbie, Business Owner May 22, 2023

Great Balance!

I love my Cluffy insoles and have great balance now! Hiking is so much easier and I recommend them!

Susan, Medical Assistant May 22, 2023

Can't go without my Cluffy insoles now!

I had foot pain and flat feet and I heard about the Cluffy insoles from a friend. I simply LOVE them and cant go without them in my shoes now! What a difference they have made for me!