Brooks Beast – Men’s and Women’s

Brooks Beast Shoe Review Overall Score: 75

  • Heel stability: 25/25
  • Midfoot Stability: 25/25
  • Forefoot Flexibility: 25/50
This shoe demonstrated a solid heel and midfoot construction and also flexed at the right point. However, there was limited flexibility in the forefoot at 30 degrees. This is a very sturdy shoe for the severe over-pronator with a wider and flatter foot. However, if you do not have these conditions, this shoe is not recommended. The limitation on the bending of the forefoot will not support a normal walking pattern or gait for normal weight individuals. Also, unless an athlete is heavier, the shoe will not bend enough for proper foot function. This is not an ideal shoe for walking. Increased motion in the forefoot would be preferable to the ultra-stability of the heel, which this shoe provides. One’s heel position cannot be improved in motion unless the big toe is allowed to bend. However, for those who roll their foot inward too much and collapse the arch while walking, over-pronate, this shoe would be recommended.  ]]>

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