Foot Care and Giving Back

This is an excerpt on foot care from ‘Being the Hands and Feet’ by Shane Klippenes, a contributor for Blackleaf Writing. For the full blog post, please click here.   When I made the left turn into the restaurant parking lot, the first thing I saw was a 5 year old girl dragging a garbage […]

Insoles for Foot Pain, Here is How They Work

You may wear insoles, have heard of other people wearing insoles, or seen them in a store as you are walking around. A question you may ask yourself is, how do insoles work? Insoles provide a shell on the bottom of the foot and slow down the  velocity of the motion of the foot. Insoles […]

Improve Your Mechanics of Walking to Step better and Feel Better

The mechanics of walking may not be emphasized enough as you go about your day to day activities. Do you notice that some people seem to age more gracefully than others?  Are you on your feet all day at work and come home to more demands? Are your feet killing you and is your whole […]

Ensuring Proper Placement of Lux Step Insoles in Your Shoes

A patient saw me who has type II diabetes and poor balance. The Lux Step really helped him initially with his balance. Most recently, he wondered if the Lux Step had worn out as his balance was a problem again. I checked his shoes and the Lux Step was in backwards! Balance issues have been […]

Lux Step, the right way


Our product looks different, we know. We want your pain to go away, forever. That means, we need to create something that does more than providing temporary relief. When you get your Lux Step, it can be confusing because it looks very different. Remember the following: The blue gel pad goes under your heel The […]

The trouble with insoles

Happy couple. Free from heel pain.

Comfort. Protection. Support. Relief. Insoles promise many things. However, many people find that these insoles are empty of these promises. They might provide relief for a short period of time but over time, they become less and less effective. Many people express frustrations like these. They have tried over-the-counter insoles and even paid for custom […]

Seven domains of health

Wellness, well-being, organics… these are all popular terms in our world today. Words that we didn’t really think about long ago… well, perhaps you had. As we become more and more sedentary in our culture, we need to become more and more aware of what we do for our bodies. A few weeks ago, we […]

Metatarsalgia, what?!

If you’ve never been to the doctor for your feet or aren’t in an anatomy class, you’re probably wondering, what is metatarsalgia. On the other hand, you may have come across this page because you have just seen your doctor and they said you had it. You may not be familiar with the term but […]

Rest and Plantar Fasciitis

Have you ever had car troubles? Have you ever driven a car that is out of alignment? We know we’re supposed to take the car in every few years or every so miles to get our car aligned but have you ever ignored it? If you did, you’ll know that eventually, the tires will wear […]

Are minimalist shoes good for me?

Minimalist shoes have been a popular topic for the last few years. If you’re a runner, you will have heard about it. Perhaps, you may have contemplated using them or are using them. These shoes are created to simulate barefoot running. Therefore, they generally have little or no stability in the heel and midfoot. Also, […]