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Over 75% of people suffer from foot pain. Whether it is due to improper footwear, excessive standing or the way we walk – the foot can hurt! The Cluffy P4 Wedge gets to the root of the problem and stops the pain.
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About Us

Find out more about us.

The Cluffy Story

Here is why we are so passionate about our work.

Our Vision & Values

We want to become a common resource for knowledge and help regarding foot problems. We will create greater awareness of the foot and the impacts this has on the body. By creating more awareness of foot health we hope to prevent many of the common foot problems we see today so individuals can lead healthier, more pain free and productive lives.

Your Lifestyle

We value a healthy lifestyle and wish to promote this through healthy feet.

Your Goals

We value each person and want to help them achieve their goals in life by living pain free and maintaining their productivity.

Your Feet

We value the foot and the beautiful creation this is, and wonder at the complexity and simplicity of the foot at the same time.

Your Results

We value validation of our products through testimonials from our clients and will strive to create products based on a scientific approach through review of scientific research and careful validation of our concepts.


We value those that are helping the helpless and will affiliate with viable organizations to help them do what they do.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Jim Clough

Dr. Jim Clough has been a podiatrist and foot surgeon for more than 30 years. The Cluffy Wedge was his invention for common foot problems and it has truly been amazing to see some of the miracles that have taken place. Jim’s purpose in leading this company is just that, to bring products and information that actually help customers live a better and healthier life. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Nancy, and their 3 children.

Henry “Scotty“ Scott

Scotty Scott lives in South Louisiana with his wife and three children. The purpose to do something more meaningful that could inspire and help others was the driving force for him accepting the GM position. Scotty heads up the Research and Development (along with Dr. Clough), Production, and Sales departments. His motivation to help people has been a driving force in Cluffy. Scotty feels confident investing in technology that will change the game in how orthotics work.

Robin Iverson

Robin Iverson is the head of the accounts payable/receivable and fulfillment departments. She is very passionate about her job and strives to be the best in everything. Robin is very pleased to be a part of a company that truly cares about people. One of the more enjoyable aspects of her job is listening to customers tell her how the Cluffy Wedge has changed their life. In her spare time, Robin enjoys cooking and being creative.

Our Heart

Great Falls Rescue Mission

Dr. Jim Clough with 30 years’ of experience in podiatry and expertise in surgical & non-surgical foot/ankle and wound care and his team, sponsored by Cluffy, L.L.C., offer Non-Surgical Foot Care to Great Falls Rescue Missions Volunteers and people enrolled in the Missions’ Discipleship Program.


The Cluffy Foot Care (CFC) Team (consisting of Jim, 2 RN’s and 2 assistants) volunteers their time one Saturday each month to treat acute problems, provide preventive foot care, develop treatment plans for people with diabetes related wounds, and get people that need shoes into appropriate footwear. Patient care is first class, with the CFC team treating as many people as possible, while doing so with patience, dignity and excellence.


A portion of our revenues go to support this program. Thank you for supporting our business and helping us help those that cannot afford it.

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