How and Why the Cluffy Lux Step Insole was Invented.

Dr. James Clough, Foot and Ankle Surgeon and inventor of the Cluffy Lux Step Insole explains why he created an insole that helps people suffering with foot pain, get pain relief.

In my 36 years of practice, I had become increasingly concerned as I saw some of my patients being subjected to early surgery resulting in poor outcomes, as well as the expensive and ineffective care that others paid to treat very common foot problems.

It was my goal to bring to the hard-working weekend warrior a cost-effective, reliable, and easily available product that would be a good, non-prescription option for many of the millions of people in our country who suffer from foot pain every year.

It was not long into my 36-year career when I realized that all I had learned about foot biomechanics had failed to produce the expected results. The expensive custom orthotics I made and prescribed were just not that reliable, and the over-the-counter products were even worse. There was no strong consensus in our profession on foot biomechanics and there was nothing new on the horizon. I was looking for a better answer to the question of how to help my patients more consistently when surgery was not needed.

My fascination with the foot became my fascination with the big toe (first ray). I learned as much as I could about the big toe, believing this held the key to the improvements in foot function that I was seeking. After reviewing older research from the 1940s and ’50s, I was able to understand that lifting the big toe could have a big impact on correct foot function. I tested my theory, and low and behold, it worked! This was the only thing that took my wife’s foot pain away, and I had tried everything for her. This was more than 20 years ago and it has changed everything. Many of my patients have experienced similar changes, some almost miraculously better within the few minutes they were in my office.

Practicing in small-town Montana, I desired to bring this to people outside my sphere of influence. Traveling outside of the United States on short-term medical trips has been rewarding, but I was limited in what could be provided on these trips and was looking forward to another way to help those individuals as well. This is why Cluffy™ was born! It remains our heart to help those who are not able to get help or who may have tried other treatments or products without any real, lasting benefit, and have just decided to live with their pain. We want to provide true, long-lasting viable solutions that are not available on the market.

We have currently sold about one million of the Cluffy Wedge™, our initial product. Our premier product, the Cluffy Lux Step™, became a reality in April of 2019. The Lux Step is a unique patented insole that provides a reliable foot pain solution by addressing the root cause of much foot pain. This insole incorporates the Cluffy Wedge™ and has other features that further enhance proper foot function, as well as it is also transferable between shoes. We have already received many powerful testimonies of how the Lux Step has helped people with their life, their jobs, and their sports.

What you are now able to purchase is the pinnacle of our development efforts. Stay tuned, though, as we are in the process of developing our next idea, and once you try our insole, you will be anxious for this to hit the market, guaranteed!

About Dr. James Clough

Originally from upstate New York, Dr. Clough and his wife Nancy and 3 adult children, have lived in Montana for 36 years. He is board-certified in Foot and Ankle Surgery by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery and he is a fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. He has held leadership positions in the state of Montana and authored several articles on his area of interest in the foot.

His greatest passions are for Jesus, his family, and his work, where he continually strives to grow and better himself. Dr. Clough is an avid hunter, and he also enjoys many other hobbies such as beekeeping, horticulture, hiking, and skiing.